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Home Offices

All our office furniture is completely made to measure, with a wide range of styles, colours and handles to suit your taste. We also have a choice of drawers, file drawers, pull out keyboards, bookcases and glass display cabinets etc that can be incorporated into your individually designed home office.

Choose your colour & style

  • mainau_birch-continental
  • new_ivory-shaker
  • beach-single-v-line
  • toscana-norway
  • ivory_ash-single_sweep
  • dark_wallnut-slab
  • corsico_chestnut-round_scoop
  • dark_wallnut-scoop
  • avola_larch-venice
  • white_ash-classic
  • french_wallnut-shara
  • toscana-soft_door
  • french_wallnut-double_v-line

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